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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pine Trees Need More Water in the Summer

Q. How often and how many minutes of water should I give my pine tree?

A. Regarding your pine tree, it will do best if you can give the tree lots of water all at once very slowly and then hold off on your watering.To do this, it is sometimes best to construct a basin around the trunk 2 to 3 feet wide to hold the water.
When I pine tree looks sparse and not fall it is usually because of a lack of water. Add water to the base of the pine tree with a hose once a week during hot weather or add more drip emitters
Because of how irrigation systems are designed, sometimes you can reschedule your irrigation clock and sometimes you cannot because it's tied to other plants and their watering schedules. If you can hold off your watering to twice a week it would be better for the plant.

As far as the number of minutes goes, I don't know. Trees drink gallons of water, they don't drink in minutes. If you feel like the trees are not getting enough water then I would not increase the number of minutes. I would increase the number of drip emitters or, if you are not using drip emitters, increase the number of places that deliver water so that the tree receives more water during each irrigation.

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