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Friday, July 29, 2016

Saguaro Should "Rest" Between Irrigations

Q. We have a concern about our Saguaro planted in 1988. It now has three large arms and we recently noticed a crack on the outside of one arm at the bend of the “elbow”.
Saguaro growing near Parker, Arizona

A. Don't water it too often. Watering about 10 or 15 gallons around the base of the plant in a 5 to 6 ft radius once a month is enough. Those plants expand like an expanding accordion when they swell up with water.

Let them use this water before you give them another drink. The plants will shrink in size when they use their internal water supply. If they are given water too often they can swell up and split. The splitting may have happened during the rains this spring and early summer. Regardless, the crack should heal and give the plant a little bit of character.

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