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Friday, July 29, 2016

Watering Saquaro

Q. I have a healthy Yucca tree (10 years old) in my desert landscaped yard (similar but smaller to what is pictured below). The homeowner before me watered it daily in summer and weekly in winter along with the rest of the drought-resistant plants in the yard and did so for many, many years. I have continued that practice but have read that Yuccas should not have daily watering. Since everything looks healthy and vibrant, would it be OK to continue daily watering in summer? Thanks.

A. Exactly right. They are not supposed to be watered this way. However it appears the previous owner found a happy medium between watering frequently and not watering too much. My guess is the tree was getting very small amounts of water daily. 

I would not worry about it if the plants are doing okay and I wouldn't change anything. However, you should be aware that you are doing it entirely wrong but it's working. Be careful if you change anything because these plants are now adjusted to that watering schedule.

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