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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tall Fescue Lawn Suffers from Summer Patch Disease

Q. This is my fescue lawn. Bugs or fungus and how do I eradicate? I had a similar problem last summer. Thanks.
Readers picture of lawn disease problem.
This is typical of a summer patch disease problem and the patterns it creates in the lawn. See that dead grass surrounds green grass. It used to be called "frog eye" for this reason.
A. David. This looks like Summer Patch disease. Common on tall fescue here starting about June during the heat. Notice how the edge of the dead spot is well defined. The attack is over it looks like. Now you are left with dead spots.

Mark your calendar when it pops up generally. Usually this is at the time of “summer monsoons” when the humidity increases. Apply a fungicide for lawns that says it controls summer patch at this time. Fungicides are mostly preventive in nature. They help the spread of disease but often times does not correct the problem. You will protect the lawn with a fungicide according to the label until this summer monsoon season is over. Wait until Oct 1 and then rake up the dead areas and mow the lawn in that area short. Spread a good quality fescue seed and topdress it lightly with topdressing and water lightly daily until it germinates. Once it germinates then reduce watering gradually until you are back to your normal irrigation cycle.

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