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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Eastern Redbud Scorched Leaves Appear to be Salts

A couple years ago I sent you a picture of a crispy leaf from the tree.  The tree did not look too well.  Your recommendation was the Eastern Red Bud tree was not acclimated to our environment and to get a Western Red Bud tree or another tree.  

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Eastern redbud after following a landscapers advice and deep water it pushing salts below the roots
After paying for the tree and having the hole dug and planted I decided to give it another try.  

A landscaper told me later that the  tree does not like our salty soils and to leach the soil around the tree once a month. 

 As you know that pushes the salt below the root line. The tree perked up after I started doing that. 

Here is a picture I took this spring.  Earlier in the spring the tree was filled with pink blossoms.  So that’s my success story.

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