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Monday, December 12, 2016

Houseplant ID, Salt Damage and Rosemary Not Flowering

Houseplant 1
I have three issues I was hoping you could help me with.

1) Could you identify what kind of plant is in the photo "House Plant 1"?

2) Could you tell me what may be causing the edges of the leaves on that plant to be turning brown (House Plant 2)? And is it ok to stake this plant upright like it is?

3) Could you identify the plant in the photo "House Plant 3"? It was given to my girlfriend as a gift. Is it meant to be an indoor plant? Any special care involved with it?

4) I have three Rosemary bushes in my yard. One of the three (Rosemary 1) is browning on the tips of the leaves/needles. It's still flowering though. Any ideas of the cause? "Rosemary 2" shows one of the 'normal' bushes. The leaves are green and supple but no flowers.


Might be wrong but I think ......

1. Variegated ficus. To confirm ficus (genus, all plants that are ficus including figs) cut or break a living branch and white latex should be seen from the broken branch

2. Probably salts or poor drainage. Make sure the pot drains freely. When watering with tap water make sure at least 20% of the applied water drains through the container and exits taking excess salts from tap water is moving and flushed from the soil. 

Don’t water too often. Use a moisture meter to gauge when to water again, lift the pot to judge its weight or use a pencil inserted into the soil to judge moisture content. 

Dilute tap water with RO or distilled water about 3RO/1tap water to miminize salt damage due to the tap water. It comes from the Colorado River.


3. I think your flowering houseplant your gf gave you is one of the kalanchoes. They come in dozens of flower colors. Google it and see if it is or not. 

They can handle some dryness but not too much. Water them and let them get fairly dry before you water again. 

 To keep the flowers going as long as possible keep the temperature as low as possible, water regularly, give plenty of sunlight during the winter and apply small amounts of fertilizer (Miracle Gro, Jobes, Peters) once a month…LIGHTLY.


4. Rosemary should be flowering now or very shortly. Don’t cut anything back or if you shear or prune it now you will cut off all the future flowers. 

Brown leaf tips with leaves that are otherwise healthy is a sign of watering too often or poor drainage or both. 

If leaves are discolored and brown tips then it might be a nutrient deficiency such as iron.

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