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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Use Apple Seed Color to Predict Maturity

Q. I have an apple tree that produced some apples but they didn't have any color or taste.
Anna Apple will develop a red blush when they're ripe.

A.If you don't know what apple it is, it must be difficult to know when to harvest. Apples do not get sweeter once they are removed from the tree.
Even a green apple like Mutsu or Granny Smith will change color from a green apple green to a lighter green color when it matures.
If these apples are getting a blush of red, you might want to wait longer to harvest them and see if they turn completely red. Seeds inside the apple turn dark brown when the apple is close to maturity. But the sugar content may increase if it stays on the tree longer.

Apple seeds turn from white to brown when the apple matures.

Leave a few on the tree longer and don't harvest them all at once. See if you can push the sugar content higher by leaving them on the tree longer.

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