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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Always Plant Cactus with Front Facing the Sun

Q. I recently saw an article about cactus in the Las Vegas newspaper (not one of your articles, however.)  The author was discussing how to plant a cactus, especially when removing it from its current pot and placing it into a larger one. He advised the person asking the question to always plant the cactus "with its front facing the sun."  How do you tell which is the front of a cactus?  Darned if I can tell when looking at mine.
Barrel cactus with its front facing away from you...or is it backwards? Hmmm....
Ahh....now this cactus looks like it has a front!

A. That’s a good one! I have no idea what the front of a cactus is either. I guess I could make some wisecracks about it. But I think you realize the author is just telling people to orient the cactus the same side toward the sun to reduce problems from sunburn.

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