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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fruit Quality Related to Climate - Fuji Apple for the Desert

Q. After reading your list of recommended fruit trees I see that Fuji apple trees would do good in Las Vegas?

A. Yes, they will do well. Don’t expect to get the same quality of Fuji Apple you might expect when grown in cooler climates. The tree as well is the fruit itself will respond differently in our climate because of higher light intensity, temperatures, lower humidity and our alkaline soils.
Fuji Apple growing in North Las Vegas Nevada

             Apples grown in our climate tend to have a thicker skin and more wax development on the outside. Expect to get fruit with a higher sugar content and less acidity. The fruit may not be first-class but it will be better than what you’re buying in the grocery store.
            Most tree fruit is harvested too early; mature enough to meet the minimum requirements by the buyer but not fully ripened. You have the luxury of leaving the fruit longer on the tree where it will develop more sugar and flavor.

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