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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Best Free Stone Peaches for the Desert

Q. I would like to know which freestone peaches are best for Las Vegas and are they readily available at our nurseries?

A. Generally speaking, the most reliable fruit trees for this area are available from local nurseries. Peaches should state on the plant tag if it is a cling-type or freestone. The trend in home gardening is towards freestone so most peaches and nurseries will carry freestone types.
            It can be fun to look at plants from the national retailers but be knowledgeable about what you want and what will work in this climate if you go plant shopping there. Sometimes you can find some real jewels. Sometimes you will find some real challenges as well.
            Fruit trees are in limited in quantities this year; worse than past years as the trend toward growing your own food has grown and inventories were sold out early. Nearly any peach will grow here. But the quality of fruit they produce will be different than the same fruit grown in other climates.
            There are literally hundreds of varieties to pick from. It is not possible to list them all and tell you which is the best. Rely on knowledgeable staff. Stay with standard size or so-called “semi dwarf” types if you are growing them in the ground.
            Big trees are not always the best. Select trees that are moderate in size and have branches growing from the trunks in many different directions and at locations along the trunk 30 inches from the top of the container or lower.
            Select miniature or genetic dwarf peach if you are growing them in a container. Generally speaking, full-sized trees have better quality fruit than miniatures or genetic dwarf.

For a start you can look at my recommended tree list by clicking here


  1. I have and Indian Free white peach. 2 years in ground. It is producing fruits this year. Though it's rated at 700 chill hrs. They do that harvest until August though so we will see how well they develop. http://www.davewilson.com/product-information/product/indian-free-white-peach

    1. I have it as well at an orchard I worked with and have produced Indian Blood which I think is a fabulous peach. It is rated by Willis Orchards at 900 hours.