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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Don't Be Afraid to Prune Small Trees

Q. I have some stick sized trees growing very well. Some are about 12" to 18" tall. The leaves are around the bottom of the stick and none at the top. Should I cut the stick off down to the leaves?

A. Yes, if you think it's dead cut it back to the leaves. When new shoots begin to grow taller than 1 foot, remove all but one if you want a single stemmed tree. If you want a multi-trunked tree remove all but three or five, and leave an odd number growing. If you can prune it with a hand shears then prune any time of year.
            Lightly fertilize it every couple months to push new growth. If this tree is tender to winter freezing temperatures, don't fertilize after an August 1.

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