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Monday, May 1, 2017

Roundup aka Glyphosate Not Doing the Job

Q. This year has been the worst for weeds and grass coming up through the rocks. I’ve tried Bayer Advanced, All-in-one concentrate which acted like a fertilizer and strengthened their growth! I got Roundup weed and grass killer concentrate. Two weeks later and the grass is coming up like I planted it. What do you suggest I use to spray on this grass to kill it? 

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Roundup is a proprietary name developed by Monsanto for the weed killer which contained the active ingredient Glyphosate. It was developed and did its best job killing grasses.
A. Roundup weedkiller is an excellent grass killer if applied properly. Please remember this weedkiller will not kill plants in less than a week. It needs at least seven days to take effect in warm weather and more days during cooler or cold-weather. You might see some yellowing or change to the leaves in fewer days than this. It depends on the plant.
There are other products now which contain the active ingredient Glyphosate and are essentially the same thing as Roundup but at a considerably lower price.
            Use the concentrated product rather than ready to use if you never used it before. The ready to use form is excellent if you used Roundup in the past, you know which weeds you are killing and how they will react to this weedkiller.
            When mixing this product read the directions carefully. The directions tell you how many ounces of water should be mixed with the concentrated product. If you never used this product before, use the highest number of ounces mixed in a gallon of water allowed on the label.
            Water the weeds with a hose to wash off any dirt. Dirt on the leaves can interfere with how well it works.
            Mow tall weeds or have them cut with a line trimmer before applying Roundup spray. The Roundup spray mixture must contact green leaves for it to be effective. Roundup does not enter through roots but through leaves so only use enough water to get the leaves wet.
            Don’t sprinkle irrigate for at least 12 hours after they are sprayed. Keep kids and pets out of the area for 48 hours. If you are not confident with this application, then hire someone or have a friend or neighbor apply it for you.

Note: there is a lot of controversy surrounding the weed killer called Roundup and its manufacturer Monsanto. It is not my job to tell you what chemicals you should be using ethically. Weed killers were developed so that manpower or labor could be reduced by professionals. However, I do believe it is best to use human labor to remove weeds whenever possible.

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