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Monday, June 26, 2017

I Hate Resolving Disagreements

Q. Please settle a disagreement between my wife and me. Each spring my wife plants several plants in pots for our patio using bagged potting soil. Each year a few of them die and others live. This happened two years in a row. I contend the potting soils need to have some real dirt mixed in with it to make them better.
Most potting soils throw in some perlite for looks. The amount is too small to do much but it looks good!
A. I hate to get in the middle of arguments between a husband and a wife. I think I can say diplomatically you are both right. Bags of potting or container soils are pretty much all the same when comparing those in the same price range.
Commercial potting soil. No perlite but better than some of the bagged stuff.
            You get what you pay for. Higher priced potting soils, like those from Fox Farm, use a higher percentage of more expensive ingredients. These potting soils cost more but they are superior compared to less expensive brands.
            If you use inexpensive potting soil then add a high-quality compost to it. Add about 15 to 25% by volume. Adding your own compost helps inexpensive potting soils perform a lot better.

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