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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fasciation on Plants Can Be Fascinating

Q. Not Sure the type of Cactus but it does well in my yard.  I  do not understand what happens to the top of one and the other produces flowers?

Readers pictures of his cacti with and without fasciation.

 A. Technically called fasciation but commonly called cresting in cactus. Sometimes cresting can add lots of value to some cacti. It is more of a curiosity than anything else. The usual method for getting rid of it is to cut it out and it seldom comes back.

Read more about fasciation and cresting on Wikipedia

It can happen to other plants as well from my collection.
Fasciation on asparagus

Fasciation on European pear.

Fasciation on rose.
Fasciation on ash tree
Fasciation on boxwood.

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