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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

One Seat Remaining in my Landscape Design Class

The first Saturday morning class sold out. The second Saturday afternoon class is half full. 8 weeks long. You will finish the class with your own personalized landscape design. Cash for Grass program has increased the rebate for home landscaping to $3 per square foot. Only a few seats are left.

I want to sign up!

"The purpose of a landscape design is to enhance the lives of the people who live in it." I told this to my 600 students who have successfully created their own landscape design using this class since 1996. You will make your own landscape creation that meets your needs, not someone elses. Your design will reduce water and energy using the minioasis conept (hydrozoning) and plant placement that reduces pricey electric bills. You only need my tools and knowledge to make it happen!
This class gives you the right tools and knowledge through a series of eight weekly classes. These weekly classes teach you how to create your own design that meets your needs and wants. Not the needs of a contractor, designer or architect.
During eight sequential weeks you will create, on paper and using my simple weekly steps, a design that can be tradtional, with a desert focus, a permaculture "food forest", or one that simply helps you relax. This class has a 95% success rate when my steps are followed and has graduated landscape award winners over the years! Class size is limited.

Class size is limited.