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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Scarring of Apricot Probably Not Due to Thrips

Q. I have some damage to my apricot fruits and sent you a picture. Is this damage from thrips? I have a nectarine and an apricot tree. Once all the fruit is off the tree what is the best way treat the trees? From reading your newsletters I understand thrips are hard to eliminate. At this point I would even consider a non organic method. Not all the fruit was affected, but many with a minor markings. I removed and disposed all the fruit from the nectarine tree very early as all fruit was badly damaged.
Aprcot Scarring Sent from Reader

A. We usually don’t associate thrips damage with apricot but we do with nectarine and damage can be heavy on nectarines if thrips are present. Thrips can also be a problem on plums and relatives of plums such as pluots and plumcots. However damage is usually fairly light and acceptable without using any sprays for plums. I will post your picture and other pictures of thrips damage on my blog located at http://xtremehorticulture.blogspot.com

Nectarine damage from thrips is usually unacceptable if sprays are not used. Spray spinosad on the fruit as it is developing as soon as petals fall from the flowers in February. Follow label directions.

Thirps Damage to Nectarine at The Orchard
Thrips damage is not usually a problem on the leaves so spraying after harvest is not usually done. The damage to your apricot looks like it may be physical damage, in some cases, like fruit rubbing against branches. Be sure you spray during the winter with dormant oils and use soap and water (insecticidal soap) as a protective spray between regular sprays of spinosad.

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