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Monday, February 11, 2013

Start Some Vegetables From Seed Now (February)!

All of the cold weather vegetables are still a safe bet such as spinach, peas, leaf lettuces and radishes. Vegetable seed have temperature germination requirements and it should be followed closely. I will post a chart on these temperatures on my blog.

If you plant vegetable seeds that require warmer soil temperatures there is a good chance that the seed will not germinate or it will succumb to disease problems such as damping off. Beans are a good example. If planted too early, they struggle and frequently die shortly after germination.

Don’t forget to start your warm season vegetables as transplants now. These are the tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. They need to go out in mid-March in warm locations. When growing seeds as transplants in the house you can do it in a bright window but you will have to keep the temperatures low or they will be weak and spindly.

Most warm season vegetables require warm soils for germination but can be moved to a cool location as soon as you see the first two leaves emerge.

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