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Monday, July 1, 2013

Come and Get Your Mulch at the UNCE Orchard. Free!!

Q. I am interested in opting your community mulch.   I want to cover my backyard with mulch instead of rocks or other decorative elements.  How do I figure out how much I would need?  Also, what is your delivery fee?

A. This is a mulch program aimed at keeping some of the wood taken from trees in the valley and using it in our landscapes rather than put into landfills. Our desert soils are nearly void of organic matter yet we dump  all this organic "waste" into our landfills. How crazy is that?
Mulch pile at the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas

All of the mulch is available for pickup only at the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas. The orchard acts as a reservoir for holding wood mulch until arrangements can be made to pick it up. We participate with First Choice Tree Service in this program. Without this option it is taken to a landfill where it is buried.

Another option you have it to call a trucking firm and arrange for them to pick it up and deliver it for you. Another option is to have a landscape contractor do the footwork for  you. A further option is to contact the arborist companywho deliver it at the orchard and see if they will deliver it to you instead.

You would need 12.3 cubic yards per 1000 square feet. There is a calculator for this found at Mulch Calculator

For directions to get to the Orchard call the Master Gardener Help Line at 702-257-5555. The Orchard is open for mulch pickup any Tuesday or Saturday morning if it is not a holiday.


  1. Hello Bob, is this community mulch still available?

    1. The untreated, natural mulch at the UNCE Orchard should still be available. I am no longer associated with the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas but there should be a pile left outside the fence. If not, you can visit the Orchard and pick up mulch there inside the facility any Tuesday or Saturday morning (non holidays) from 8am to noon. The mulch is free to the public. Bring plastic bags or containers. If you have a pickup, make sure you have the filled bed covered with a tarp to avoid traffic fines. However if you need it loaded using the tractor there is a fuel/operation surcharge to recover the cost of the use of the tractor. There are trained operators on the premises.