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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bamboo Can Be Cut Back to Repair Winter Damage

Q. I have bamboo that was damaged last winter as you can see from my pictures. New growth is emerging from them but they are still yellow and brown. Should I fertilize them or give them iron?
A. If the plant is still brown from winter damage and the growth is yellow, the only way to really make them look good again is to cut them down and let them regrow from the base. This kind of damage is never going to recover from unsightliness without some regrowth.

            I assume this is a running bamboo like golden bamboo. They should come back if they are cut back to the ground but this is not the ideal time to do it. Prune cautiously this time of year. 
            It would be okay to cut back the largest ones now but leave younger ones until you saw some good solid growth again from the base. Once you see healthy growth, go ahead and cut more back. Otherwise wait until next spring which would be ideal.
            Fertilizer and iron will be helpful as it is growing back.

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