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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Don't Confuse Leaf Drop with Ash Decline

Q. I have an ash tree which appears to be dying. I am considering taking it out but would like to have someone look at it before I do.

A. The usual problem here with ash trees has been a disease called ash decline or ash dieback. I have posted questions I received regarding this problem on ash trees along with pictures of what it looks like and what to do if you have it.
Ash decline
            Send some pictures to me of the tree showing the problem when you see the problem. I need close-ups of the leaves as well as a picture of the entire tree. Look at the pictures I have posted here or on my blog to confirm it. This disease is quite easy to identify from pictures.

            If you are certain the tree has this disease it should be removed. There is no cure for it.

This email was confirmed as ash decline and the tree removed.

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