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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Prune Lantana and Star Jasmine at Different Times

Q. When can we cut back star jasmine and plant lantana?

A. Because Lantana could still freeze back with some low temperatures it is best to wait until the end of February to plant them. Now is a great time for planting anything not damaged from freezing temperatures.
Flowers produced by one of the Lantanas
Dig a hole three times wider than the container. Use soil taken from the hole and amend it 50/50 with compost plus a handful of granular fertilizer high in phosphorus. As an alternative, mix a water-soluble fertilizer high in phosphorus in a bucket with water and use this solution when watering the first time.
Unopened flowers on star jasmine
            The general rule of thumb for when to prune plants appreciated for their flowers is to prune soon after the flowering period has finished. This is because the flower buds for the next cycle of blooms are formed soon after flowering is over. Pruning now could eliminate the spring flowers.
New spring growth from Lantana after it is been cut back to a couple of inches above the soil or rock mulch level
            After pruning, always fertilize plants. Flowering plants should receive a high phosphorus fertilizer at least once during the year.

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