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Friday, July 29, 2016

Forcing Bougainvillea to Be More Vigorous

Q. I am concerned about one of my three Bougainvillea plants growing on the south side.  I removed some very old and scraggly oleanders from this spot and raked out all the oleander leaves before planting these Bougainvillea.  I feed them and they have good water supply, but the one in the center is scrappy looking while its brothers on either side are thriving. 
Bougainvillea grown as a woody perennials shrub in Bullhead city, Arizona where it seldom freezes.

A. Bougainvillea do very well here during our summer heat with a minimal amount of care as long as the soil is amended at the time of planting and they are fed regularly with low nitrogen fertilizers.
They like to be pruned so if you see them struggling, prune them back, give them water and fertilize them lightly with a rose or tomato fertilizer.
They also bloom better if they are struggling rather than if they are pampered too much. Going through a dry period may encourage blooming.

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