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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall and Early Winter Perfect Timing for Bermudagrass Control

           Control of Bermudagrass and other nasty weeds that resist removal by hoeing are better controlled during the fall months than any other time of the year. Just make sure that these weeds are “happy” before applying systemic weed killers.
This bermudagrass has gone dormant due to a lack of enough water. It is still alive. Water it. Fertilize it with nitrogen. Mow it and then kill it when it is growing strong.
            Water and even fertilize them lightly a week before applying systemic weed killers. Apply weed killers at the label rate, do not exceed it. Applying more than what is recommended on the label is not just wasteful but can work against the effectiveness of these chemicals.
Common bermudagrass. Remember, chemicals like glyphosate (Roundup) kills all grasses when it is applied. Apply it carefully to only the grasses you want to kill. Fall is a great time for control.

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