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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Having Trouble Locating Copena V1 and F1 Nopal Cactus

Nopal cactus growing at the Orchard. Copena V1 and F1
have different shaped pads, different flower and fruit
Q. I've been having a difficult time acquiring these two varieties of nopal. Do you know how I might find them?

A. They are not really varieties but selections. Varieties in the horticultural sense meant to be cultivated varieties. I have them at our facility in Las Vegas but they would have to be propagated from a couple of pads. The only other source I know of would be in Hermosillo, Mexico. You could try contacting Everardo Zamora at the University of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico, but getting across the border into the US might be a bit difficult or time consuming.

Everardo Zamora (ezamora@guayacan.uson.mx)

There are other selections/varieties available online that you could look at being grown in southern California and Arizona. There are some with some huge tunas (fruits) that are very eye-appealing but I have never grown them, only the Copena’s which are grown commercially in Sonora.

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  1. there a lot of copena v1 variety at San Luis Potosi, Mexico, i can sell pads at half a dollar each. contact: rlam_1905@hotmail.com