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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fig Tree Would Produce Figs with More Water

Q. In the small orchard in back of Tule Springs, Nevada, at Floyd Lamb State Park is a huge Turkey Fig that will not produce fruit, only hard little knots. Each tree only has one watering head. Wish you had some pull out there so they could get some major water on that large fig. It tries to produce hundreds of figs each season but they dry out due to lack of water. Thank you so much.

A. Sorry. I don't have any pull there. You are exactly right. there is enough water for the tree but not enough for production of juicy figs. Maybe someone will read this and do something about it. Or maybe they don't want it to produce figs. If they correct the watering problem and no one harvests the figs from that tree at least the birds will have something to eat.

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