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Friday, October 27, 2017

Miniature or Genetic Dwarf Peach and Disabilities

Q. Due to my bad shoulders I would like to have a peach tree that does not grow so high and I would like for it to be a freestone. Is there one which you would recommend?
Miniature or genetic dwarf peach is a good choice for container planting. It will also stay small with a minimum amount of pruning whereas keeping full-size trees small is a lot of work.The peach is produced on this tree are full-sized but the selection of good tasting varieties is much smaller.

A. The type of tree you're talking about is going to be a genetic dwarf peach sometimes called a miniature peach tree. They produce a full-sized peach fruit but stay small. The fruit is okay but it is not going to be as good, consistently, as some of the other larger peach trees. Look for names such as Bonanza or El Dorado or Pix Zee.

This is a genetic dwarf a.k.a. miniature peach in full production during the winter after all the leaves have fallen off. Notice its structure. It was pruned this way, it did not naturally occur like this. Plenty of space is left for fruit production and collection of energy from the sun.

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