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Monday, January 1, 2018

Fall Planting Fig No Problem If They Don't Freeze

Q. Can I plant fig trees in the Fall or should I wait to buy these trees in the spring?

A. Plant in the Fall. Fall is the best time to plant all fruit trees including figs. The problem is finding varieties of fruit trees that you want. But if you find the tree you want, if it is not sensitive to freezing temperatures, plant it. Figs handles temperatures down to about 10°F or -12°C.
            The best time for planting freeze tolerant plants is in the Fall. Begin planting as temperatures cool from the summer heat. In Las Vegas this is towards the end of September through the middle of November.
            All the fig varieties grow well in the Mojave Desert if the soil is improved at the time of planting, they get enough water and it is delivered at the right time.

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