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Friday, March 23, 2018

Not Too Late to Fertilize

Q. My schedule was to fertilize my citrus plants on President’s Day but because of the drop in the temperatures, I decided to postpone. It has stayed cold. So, when should I fertilize?
Keep fertilizer away from tree trunks so it doesn't damage the tree.

A. Everything has slowed down because of the low temperatures. As soon as it warms up would be fine. If they need some extra help, consider foliar feeding them with a tomato-type water soluble fertilizer in three or four weeks. 

Don’t forget to apply iron either in the soil or combined with your foliar feeding. Cold, wet cloudy weather did not let many honeybees out for pollination so these early flowering trees may not have very good fruit set.

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  1. Lots of bees around my blooming rosemary.