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Monday, April 23, 2018

Don't Move Plants in Late Spring!

Q. My dwarf Genoa lemon tree growing in a 12-inch diameter planter will be two years old in October. I'd like to plant it in the ground. Is this a good idea now? 

Eureka lemon growing in Las Vegas. One of the true lemons.

A. It’s a good idea to plant it in the ground but no, not now. Late spring is the absolute worst time to move fruit trees to a new location. Hot weather is coming quickly. Wait until mid to the end of September when weather cools a bit from hot, summer temperatures.
            Fall is the best time for planting and replanting, bar none. Spring is in second place but that’s when most plants are available.
            Take as much of the roots as possible in the move. Dig the new hole and have soil amendments mixed into this soil. Use this soil mixture for backfilling around the roots after it’s planted.
            Plant it as soon after digging as possible. Make a moat around the tree to hold water from a hose. Water it thoroughly with a hose three times in three consecutive days. Remove the moat and turn it over to your automatic watering system.

By the way, Genoa lemon looks very similar to Eureka lemon. It has never been that popular in the US but it is supposed to be more tolerant of cold winters than Eureka or Lisbon lemon but not Myers (which is not a true lemon).

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