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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Never too late To Prune Lantana

Q. I put off pruning my lantana. They bloomed until about a two weeks ago. Now, they are starting to cycle through the dying and rebuilding process. Can I prune them back now, the normal way, and still have good growth?

A. So, I take it, you did not prune your lantana this winter because it did not freeze. Or you just forgot. Now you are wondering if it’s too late to prune. No, it’s not too late. Do it now even though it’s starting to grow again.
            Lantana is what we call an herbaceous perennial in our climate. Winter temperatures are usually cold enough that the top freezes to the ground each winter. Spring pruning removes the top, close to the ground, and it regrows again from its base or crown. This winter it did not get cold enough.
            You know it has the potential to grow from its base. Cut it back hard to within 1 inch of the soil surface and it will “sucker” below these cuts. Give it some fertilizer and water after you make the pruning cuts.

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