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Monday, May 7, 2018

Sapsucker Damage on Australian Bottle Tree

Q. I have a 5 year old Australian bottle tree that has a large canopy.  The canopy has very yellow leaves and I have found on  the trunk  about ¼ inch holes in the trunk. There are quite a few holes but I have not counted all of them. I don’t want to lose my tree. Can you tell me what is wrong with it? 
No picture was submitted of the tree damage.

A. This is probably sapsucker damage. They are in the family of woodpeckers.They are migratory in the Las Vegas Valley and probably overwinter mostly in northern Mexico. So you see this kind of damage on preferred trees twice a year.

Sapsucker damage on Tipu.
Sapsucker damage to Southern Live Oak
Sapsucker damage to blue ghost eucalyptus
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