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Monday, July 2, 2018

Bug Problem Confusion on Pomegranate

Q. I have a pomegranate tree that bears fruit with dark red seeds. I have been fighting a bug that turns the inside pale white, almost gray. I also have a big, slow flying bug that sits on the fruit and puts its tail in it, splitting it for the birds. We also have the Katydids which I didn't know were harmful until recently. I tried to be as organic as possible.
leaffooted plant bug shot from reader. Not sure where it is.....?

A. Thanks for the follow-up pictures to help me identify problems. The katydid is a problem on pomegranates in California but I had never heard of it reported as a problem here. The picture you sent to me is not a katydid but a green lacewing which is a “good guy”. Their young are probably after aphids or immature whiteflies.
Confusion of green lacewing with katydid by reader

Katydid on pomegramate
            I did not get a picture of the second insect and I do not know what it is. But be careful in identifying insects so you don’t confuse the “good guys” with the “bad guys”.

            The leaf footed plant bug is a perennial problem on pomegranates, other fruit and nut trees and vegetables. Organic sprays such as soap and water are effective when they are very young but not so when they are older such as now. Control of these critters should start in about April.
            Conventional pesticides like synthetic pyrethrins are the only way I know of getting some control this time of year.


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