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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Whats Causing Warts on Limbs of My Pine Tree?

Q. I have several Mondale pine trees and recently noticed round bumps on some branches. I love these big trees, so I really hope I don’t have to take them out.  I deep water once a week in summer and once a month in winter and they have done very well so far.
Bumps or warts on limbs of Eldarica pine

A. I don’t recognize the problem to your trees as something serious. These rounded bumps are probably resin pockets in the limb. It could be caused by a nonlethal virus disease. It is also possible it could be a physical reaction to weed killers applied nearby.
            Keep an eye on the tree and its growth. Apply enough water and fertilizer to get eight inches of new growth each year on older trees; 12 – 18 inches on younger trees. If the tree is doing well on your watering schedule, then keep it. Just make sure enough water is applied for it to drain 24 inches into the soil.
New growth on pine are called "candles" and you can see why. This new growth should be strong and vigorous in healthy trees.
            Water should be applied to at least half the area under its canopy. Add an extra irrigation when temperatures are above 110 F and windy.
            One application of fertilizer in the spring of each year should be enough. When it is hot and windy (like over 110F), give it an extra deep watering. If the tree canopy is thinning the tree may need water or fertilizer or both.

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