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Monday, October 15, 2018

Where to Buy Good Roses

Q. Can you please advise me: where I can buy GOOD Roses to plant in my garden, in Las Vegas.
All my roses are ab out 30 or so years old and I got them from Jackson+Perkins when they were still in Oregon! The one I bought 2 or so years ago from them, WERE DEAD ON ARRIVAL!
And what I see in the nurseries her in Vegas, do not look good enough for all the work to plant them.
Nevada Rose

A. I know which roses are better roses and usually J&P are good ones. I like Weeks Roses but they are hard to find now I think since Plant World is no longer in business.
Yes, you can have roses like this in the Mojave Desert. These are growing in Las Vegas!

Maybe some Rosatians who read this post can answer. Jackson Perkins in the past had very good roses. They had award winners up until 2013 or so. They had a very good breeding program. The company has gone through several change of hands in the last decade plus so I don't know anymore. 

Please Don't Do These Things to Roses

Do more than sprinkle compost on top of rock around roses

Don't plant them surrounded by rock.
Don't prune and care for them like this.

Weeks Roses

Personally, I have always liked Weeks Roses. They are wholesalers so you cant buy directly from them but they sell to nurseries. They are higher priced so they are not common in the boxed stores but good nurseries that have a following from locals can afford to sell them. That group of loyal good gardeners is disappearing and the numbers dont support buying local anymore. Plant World Nursery on Charleston, used to carry them because the Las Vegas Valley Rose Society asked them to. Plant World Nursery is replaced now and that association is gone.Their website has lots of good information or general rose care. There is a list of roses they update for different climates. In the Mojave Desert we would select from the Hot and Dry List that you can find below:

I don't know where to tell you to go locally. Just buy one that has good form. Watch a video I uploaded from Weeks Roses home page for those of you not terribly computer savvy. Otherwise, please visit them and browse their catalog online. 

Remember, roses do well for 8 months of the year in the Mojave Desert. Be sure to plant them properly and cover the soil around them with woodchip mulch. Watch this video on Weeks Roses Home Page but for those of you not terribly computer savvy here it is. Thanks Weeks Roses!

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  1. Check with the Master Gardeners of Nevada. They have awesome gardens including roses at I-215 and Paradise. I live out in Pahrump and occasionally sit in on some of their classes, many of which are free. They also have online help. They have answered many questions I've had about gardening. I moved here from Tennessee 9 years ago, and it's a whole new learning curve.