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Monday, July 1, 2013

Grape Leaf Problems Leafhoppers and Iron

Q. I have been growing grapes for 7 years. Last year and also this year, I have had problems with the leaves. I have attached 2 photos. Can you please tell me what is wrong with my vines? They are still producing grapes. Thank you!

Readers grape leaves

A. The pictures were a bit hard to see. I think I am seeing two things. One is some strong discoloration between the veins, almost white. The other are some speckling of the leaves all over the leaves.

If I am seeing this correctly I think you have some leafhopper damage (speckling) which would be tiny bugs that are jumping all over the place when you are handling the leaves and the other I think is an iron problem.
Grape leaf. Speckling is feeding damage from leafhoppers.

With the jumping bugs you could have sprayed Spinosad in about May when they were young and you could have knocked the population back. That would have been the same time for controlling skeletonizer and hornworms so you would have hit three pests with an application of this product about one week apart in May.
One example of a spinosad spray at a local nursery.

The other would be controlled with an iron chelate application to the base of the grape plant in about March, just before new growth. It would be watered in after you applied it. The iron chelate to use would be EDDHA.

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