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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Best Planting Soil for Bamboo

Q. I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer. In a couple weeks, I’ll be planting a tropical clumping bamboo in 80ft of planters. I’ve read a lot about the best soil and all research indicates the plant prefers sandy loam on top of peaty soil. From my novice experience, I’m thinking this means l will first create a layer a soil with plenty of organic matter, and then top it with sandy loam.

Do you sell these two things? Also, I believe I’ll need a compost to mix in the loam as I’m planting the bamboo.

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about your tomato lady soil from a good friend of mine, and hope you will be able to help me have a green thumb!

A. You can create this soil layering if you want and we have products to do it but growing a clumping bamboo is not so difficult. Using our Garden Soil Mix as a backfill for your bamboo will work just as well and less expensive.

The biggest worry with clumping bamboos are their tolerance to freezing temperatures. Most of these types of bamboos are sensitive to freezing temperatures. With some mulch covering the soil during the winter they will easily regrow from the base if these temperatures occur.
Tomato Lady Soil Mix can be purchased in bulk or in bags. 

If it were me I would save your money and use either Garden Soil Mix or Tomato Lady Soil Mix which has more added ingredients than the Garden Soil Mix.

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