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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Early Summer: Too Late to Plant?

Q. I was going to plant some Cypress trees a month ago but was called away on a family matter.
Is it too late to plant cypress trees and a few fruit trees this time of year or should i hold off till next year?

A. Now is not the best time to plant in our hot desert climate. It should be done in early spring or even better, mid fall when temperatures are beginning to cool off.
            It should be okay to plant now but make sure to dig the hole, and amend the soil going into it, before planting. Water the hole thoroughly and transfer the plant into the hole as quickly as possible to minimize transplant shock. As you are adding amended soil back into the hole, make sure everything in the hole is wet.
            Put a basin around the plant and fill it for three consecutive days before turning it over to the irrigation system.

Little known fact: The most important roots during planting, feeder roots, are small and delicate and can die within 10 to 15 seconds when exposed to the outside air. The more that die, the more "shock" the plant has and recover time is longer.

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